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"I Kill For Hip-Hop, but Hip-Hop I Won't Kill" — Wildchild

Mainstream / commercial radio sucks, and the stations that play hip hop are even worse. They're saturated with the same 20 or so tracks that lack any fire, or creativity. This is my opinion, but the fact about pop rap is that these rappers can't write real rhymes, they're weak with no skills. The ones who do have skills hardly flex them.

With so much amazing talent in the independent hip hop game, why don't these stations support the artists? Once in a while something may cross over but very rarely.

This is where free form radio comes in. Unlike most mainstream stations (cold97 & pissFM) that have controlled playlists*, free form plays what ever they and their listeners want.

Coffee Break For Heroes & Villains is a 3 hour show that predominately showcases independently released hip-hop. You will hear rap records on major labels but they're usually from the late 1980's or early 1990's. I also play quite a bit of unreleased and unsigned acts. The show is mostly hip-hop based & influenced (straight ahead, experimental, freestyle, instrumental
etc) but you will also find a good amount of rare grooves, Afro-Beat, electronic, soundtracks, reggae and anything that I'm diggin'!

Another thing about this show that is different from other hip-hop programs is that it is not mixed. I don't know how to juggle beats and have no desire in learning. I always hated mix shows for cutting off some of the best verses or not letting the whole cut run.

Some people have asked why I stray away from the latest joints on Rock-A-Fella / Def Jam type labels? You may like that stuff, and that's cool, I dig some of it too, but they don't need any more support. They get tons of play from television, commercial radio, & glossy magazines. College radio is great but limited in so many ways. I'm trying to bring back an element to hip-hop when it was very much at a ground level, for the love of it, not for the dollar! Check out the show and see!

"I Don't Want Fans Who Don't Know Who G Rap Is" —R.A. The Rugged Man
*A controlled playlist is when DJ's are told what songs to play.

PS: If you have any suggestions or want to put us up on an artist, group, label or anything you think we might be into, drop us a line..... Noah@wfmu.org

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