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As practically everyone has iPods these days or at least iTunes on their computers, we figured it was time for planet Earth to hear & support some real raw, unsigned hip-hop. Forget about the pop thugs and pop rap that has polluted TV and radio. THIS IS THE REAL SHIT! We're hoping to get a new show up here at least every two weeks for the web geeks. If you got skills on the mic or ill beats, send them in! COME CORRECT OR DON'T COME AT ALL!

I started the show in April of 2005 with DJ BrownBum and The Custodian Of Records and have since added new co-hosts Daniel Joseph aka Espee and CapiCoo from Jersey hip-hop crew; Bully Mouth.

SUPER DUPER LIKE MR. HOOPER thanks goes out to Debbie Stoller of BUST MAGAZINE for coming up with the name of this show!

Noah Zark

What is podcasting?
"Podcasting" automates the process of downloading radio shows to your desktop or iPod-like device. It's a clever term, but it is a little misleading because podcasting doesn't inherently require an Apple branded iPod (although iPod users enjoy the most mature software available now). Basically, you can go to any website that hosts these podcasts (they're pretty much compressed Mp3's) and dump them right onto your computer or ipod. However, you can not have music that's under the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on your podcasts. It's the same thing that happened when internet radio first came out. Most of the podcast shows that you will hear are either talk radio or really bad unsigned bands. There are a few exceptions out there so keep looking!

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